E-mail Basics

There are many different ways to configure your E-mail client and different situations call for different solutions. For most people, a standard POP3 client works quite well but we've designed our E-mail system to be as flexible as possible for you. No matter how you choose to configure your client,  there are some basics that you'll want to consider.

  • The amount of space you have allocated for your inbox is finite and your inbox can easily fill up if you do not maintain it. For each citescape account you have configured, you will want to ensure that you are removing unwanted, unneeded and junk email from the server by deleting it from your inbox. If you leave too many messages on the server, then your inbox will eventually fill up and you will not be able to receive new messages. Many clients have a setting to remove mail from the server when it is deleted from trash. They can also remove mail after a certain time period, such as 30 days. 
  • Both our inbound and outbound email servers support SSL/TLS connections. You can still use plain old POP3 or IMAP but you can also now choose to use SSL/STARTTLS with these to provide better security. If you choose SSL, your password won't be transmitted across any network in clear text.  Secure SMTP authentication is something we have recently rolled out. Why would you care about this? Well, if you have a smart phone or take a portable computer with you, you can now not only receive mail on your citescape account but you can use your account to send outbound e-mail. To use this, set your outbound SMTP server to use SSL/STARTTLS on port 587 and tell it the server requires. In Thunderbird, it should look something like this but we have screen captures for other clients as well.:

  • Secure webmail. We recently upgraded our servers and software on our webmail interface. If you want to check your email on the go and not transmit the password in clear text across whatever network you are on, just log in on our webmail server


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