Setting up E-mail on an iPhone

This tutorial shows you how to set up a Citescape E-mail account on your iPhone. The screen captures and information has been pulled from various iPhones, mostly running iOS version 5.1.  Other versions may appear slightly different but the general information below should still apply.

  1. From your phone's Dashboard, click Settings.


  2. Under Settings, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.


  3. Select Add Account...


  4. Scroll down and select Other as the type of account.


  5. Click on Add Mail Account :


  6. In the New Account screen, add the requested information and Next to continue.:


    Name: Your full name
    Email: Your full email address, not just the username portion
    Password: enter your password. Remember, this is case sensitive.
    Description: a description of the mail account

  7. Click IMAP and enter the Incoming Mail Server information. Start by clicking in the Host Name field. 


    Host Name:
    User Name: enter your username, which is everything before the @ symbol on your email address. It is case sensitive and there can be no spaces before or after the username.
    Password: enter your password. Remember, this is case sensitive.

  8. Scroll down and enter the Outgoing Mail Server information and click Next to continue.:


    Host Name:
    User Name: enter your full email address
    Password: enter your password. Remember, this is case sensitive.

  9. You may see a quick screen flash by as the program attempts to verify all the settings. This should go fairly quickly depending on your network connectivity but don't be alarmed if it takes a moment or two.



  11. Once the software has verified the settings, you should be presented with the option to save the account. Click Save.


  12. You may see a screen similar to the one above that states Account Added. 

    The Advanced settings for the account will be displayed and do not need to be changed.  

    Navigate back to your dashboard and ... your email account has been added and is ready to begin using. 


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