Setting Up E-mail on an Android Device


This tutorial shows you how to set up an Android Phone to work with your citescape email account. This tutorial has been created using Android OS version 2.3.6. Newer and older versions may appear slightly different but the general information below should still apply.


  1. When prompted with the Set Up Email screen you will have to enter your Email Address and user Password. After you have done this do not click Next. You should choose the Manual Setup option.

  2. In this step you will have to choose between POP3 and IMAP. We recommend choosing IMAP

  3. The Incoming Server Settings will auto generate some setting for you. You will have to change the IMAP server from to You will also have to choose a Security Type. Please choose TLS (Accept All Certificates). The rest of the information should be correct. Verify that the information matches and choose Next.

  4. The Outgoing Server Settings will auto generate some setting for you. You will have to choose a Security Type as you did for the Incoming server settings. Again choose TLS (Accept all certificates). Verify that the rest of the information matches and choose Next.

  5. Account Options are based on your personal prferances. After you have made you decisions choose Next.

  6. Set Up Email settings are also based on your personal preferences. You must choose what you want this email account to be called and how you would like your name to be displayed when you send a message. After you have made your decisions please choose Done.

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